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Welcome to Door Handles & More

Welcome to Door Handles and More - offering end users, architects, contractors and clients alike the complete ironmongery hardware package to meet any design/specification or performance criteria. Fashion and designs are ever changing and what we aim to do at Door Handles and More is to react by offering a varied selection of door furniture and ancillary items to enhance our customers visions - whether it be for your own home, office, or development (from 1 door to 1000+ doors) at Door Handles and More we can help you through the process. All our products offered are produced to a standard that matches the aspirations of our customers, with varied finishes such as Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminium etc which helps define the exact package an individual seeks.

Our Price Promise

We are fully confident we are the most competitive door handle supplier on the web and are happy for our customers to challenge our prices call 0330 999 3536 for more information.